Miniature House Models

Miniature House Models 3d model

There are two different sizes of the miniature house and each has two different versions (normal and hollow).

The small house has a base of 50x50mm
The big house has a base of 80x50mm

The normal version of the house is solid and can be printed with infill. Use the normal roof for this version as it has a plane inner face. Simply glue the two parts together.

House small + roof small
House big + roof big

The hollow version of the house only has the floor and walls left to save filament. Use the roof hollow version for this as it has a catch on the inner corner to fit the hollow house. Simply glue the two parts together.

House small hollow + roof small hollow
House big hollow + roof big hollow

Printed with:
Bavaria Filaments PLA white and red
0.2mm layer hight
0.4mm nozzle
on Prusa Mk4



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