Bicycle wheelset wall mount

Bicycle wheelset wall mount

A simple hook to keep wheelsets out of the way on the wall. first hang one wheel (preferably the front one since it’s narrower) by the rim on the upper hook, and then hang the knob end of the quick release of the other wheel into the claw. The cassette (if installed) should be clear of the rim and the spokes, but do take care not to scratch or chip anything.

Print in something strong like PETG or ASA, and use 6×30 wall plugs (or longer) and 5×40 (or longer) wood screws to attach to the wall. Make sure the mount is well attached. If you insist on hanging your wheels above your Ming period vase and Murano glass collection that sits right above the king-size aquarium, you’re on your own. You gain the most space if you mount it high up, but it’s a bad idea to mount it too close to the ceiling. Don’t ask me how I know.



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