Bottle Cap/Marker V2 – Protect your Drink

Bottle Cap/Marker V2 - Protect your Drink 3d model

Bottle Cap2 3d model

Bottle Cap3 3d model

Bottle Cap4 3d model

This is an completely new engineered Version 2 from my Bottle Marker with Cap:

Overall better fit
Sturdier hinge with a tiny bit more tolerance
Crown waves instead of slots to stretch the cap
Bigger opener
Tightness increased
Optimized for MakeMySign

Perfect Summer Party Gadget! Use it at the beach, garden or at home to protect and mark your drinks. Every Crown Cap Bottle could be marked with the snap fit Bottle Marker!

And you can simple close it with the integrated Cap to protect from insects. Also the open/close blob makes it to a nice fidget toy.

Marked! Nobody drinks out of your bottle!
Protect your Drink from insects!
No other stuff can go into the bottle!
Its 95% tight, only loose some drops, if the bottle tips over. (Varies due to bottle tolerance)

It’s a Print in Place Part and it works right after the print. Simple Snap over the bottle and close the Lid.

I designed 4 Sets of 5 Caps, each has an print profile, where you can “exclude objects”, for choose your likeing:

Symbols 1
Symbols 2

Instruction for custom Caps with Make my Sign:
Create a 26×26 round plate
Set thickness to 0,36 (Base, Text, SVG, Shapes) and enable “facedown mode”
Design the plate and download as 3mf
Open “Blank” Cap in Slicer and import the just created 3mf (Geometry only)
Align it with the Cap (You can delete the “backdrop” part for better visibility)
Merge all parts and print


BamBam Design

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