[UPDATE 14/12/2021]
First off, thanks for the support you all have for Caby.
Some of my friends tested Caby and feedback that having a locking mechanism for the inner shell would be nice. Some of them also had these extra telephone wire reel protecting their cables. So, for this update, I’ve added 6 extra STLs.

All 6 comes with a simple locking mechanism (see vid how to use)
There are now 2 categories; S (cable thickness 2.8mm) & L (cable thickness 3.4mm)

Hope these new versions help you and improve your QoL. Thanks again for the support!
**Note: I will still keep the old STLs so you have an additional option. The “S” prefixed STLs are the same size as the original, only with additional locking mechanism.

A simple, rugged but cute 2 piece cable winder tested with 1m cables.

When fully wound, it should withstand drops from at least 1.5m without popping out or cracking.

1. Run your cable through the holes of the outer shell and slot the inner shell in.
2. Wind the cables with the inner shell to store the cable.
3. Pull the cables on both ends to unwind. *There will be some tension so take slight care when pulling. It should unwind pretty smoothly.

Due to my printer’s tolerances, mine works only with 0.6mm clearance.
I’ve added models for 0.2 and 0.4mm clearances as well if your printer is better tuned than mine.

Print only requires some supports for the cable holes but other than that, everything else should not require supports.

3D printing settings

Layer: 0.2mm
Wall: 2
Infill: 15%
Material: PLA



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