Three Tier Playing Card Holder with Lattice Back

Three Tier Playing Card Holder with Lattice Back

Three Tier Playing Card Holder with Lattice Back

Do you love Shanghai Rum, but don’t love holding piles of cards in your hand? This holder is for you! Three tiers let you organize your huge hand without dropping cards or getting muscle cramps. And it has a pretty lattice for everyone to enjoy.

3D printing settings

ShanghaiCardHolder.stl is the STL file to print. Print without supports. Print as oriented in the STL file: on its side. Set infill to 100% so that the 3 mm thick lattice parts don’t have hollow parts; this setting helps the holder print without supports. You may want to print with a brim if your prints tend to pull up from the bed during printing.
I successfully printed this design in PolyLite PLA on my Lulzbot Mini printer, slicing it using Cura Lulzbot Edition set to the Lulzbot Mini Standard Resolution.
ShanghaiCardHolder.FCStd is the FreeCAD design file.
I designed a three tier playing card holder, then added a curved back to make it less likely to tip over. I made the tiers tall to make it easy to see all your cards. I added space between the rows so it’s easy to reach in and grab your cards as you fling them to the table and shout “I’m out!”
The width of the holder is designed to fit the print height of my Lulzbot Mini: under 150mm.
I originally added the lattice to the back to reduce the amount of plastic required, but now I like it as a design element.
The left and right edges of the lattice are filled in so the holder prints without support. When printed on its side, the diamonds of the lattice are less than 45 degrees off of vertical, which should print on most printers without support.



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