Coaster With Hexagon Pattern & Dispenser

Coaster With Hexagon Pattern & Dispenser

As the title says, this is a coaster design with a hollowed out hexagonal pattern and a dispenser to hold up to 5 of them together.

The hexagonal pattern itself is not really my own original design, as I drew a lot of inspiration for google images. That said, the eraboration of the 3D model of the coaster and dispenser are original.

In the following image, I detailed the most important dimensions of the coaster:

I think they will be useful if you plan to make your own dispenser for this type of coaster.

For the same reason, I also attached the SOLIDWORKS 2020 .sldprt files for the coaster and the dispenser, so they can be modified at will.
Print Settings

Both models where printed in PLA and PETG, without supports or rafts, at 0.2 mm resolution and 100% infill for the coasters and 15% for the dispenser.

All the parts can be printed as they are, there is no need for supports or rafts.


Ordinary Contraptions

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