Commander Sized Square Deckbox With Magnetic Lid

Commander Sized Square Deckbox With Magnetic Lid

This commander sized deckbox will keep your cards safe in your bag or serve as a standalone box fit for a day at the convention hall. Designed with durability in mind, the main compartment is sized for double sleeved cards and an extensive set of tokens or single sleeved cards, an extensive set of tokens. The included deck compression spring will keep the cards snug in the container and will prevent them from shaking around when being carried. All parts of this box has been designed with easy printing in mind, all parts can be printed without supports.

Cards can be stored in vertical or horizontal orientations, the deck compression spring can be oriented in both directions to prevent shaking in both directions. In the standard vertical orientation, the box can fit up to 115 sleeved cards + 55 unsleeved tokens. Included card dividers can help you organize your collection and a finger access hole will allow you to easily remove and give you quick view of what commander is inside (in the case the color combination of the box didn’t give it away).

Fits Dragonshield, KMC, Ultrapro, and similarly sized sleeves.

Multiple extruder compatible files also included for an even 3 color split.

The twist off magnetic lid uses 8X 6mm diameter, 3mm tall, rare earth magnets.



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