Gravity Knife

Gravity Knife 3d model

Fully 3d printed replica of the Reate exo gravity knife.

I would recommend printing both halves of the blade, the blade pins and blade insert at 0.1mm layer height and everything else can be printed at 0.2mm.

All of the files are orientated for the best results.

Video of how it works:


Attach the latch to the handle with the both the back pins gluing the back pins together
Put the blade together by gluing both halves with the blade insert to help align them
Test the tolerances between the blade and the handle first before gluing the blade pins on.( if you need, sand the blade down a tiny bit for a nicer fit.)
Finally glue the blade pins onto the blade, putting them through the track in the handle.



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Download 3D models

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zip gravity-knife-v1-model_files 2 MB
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