Improved lock nut for ergonomic screw driver

Improved lock nut for ergonomic screw driver 3d model

Soon after I had finished my highly popular ergonomic bit screw driver, it became clear that a bit more grip on the lock nut would be a good idea. Several of the comments from other users confirmed that. So I made this version.

The original design of the screw driver can be found here: Ergonomic lockable bit screw driver with print-in-place freewheel


This part is very easy to print. Just place it on your print bed in the uploaded orientation and print it with 4 perimeters (which causes it to have no infill, so infill percentage is irrelevant).

For the screw driver itself I recommend PETG due to its flexibility. If have done successfull test prints in PLA as well, but the nut needs to be tightend stronger in PLA and is harder to screw on. For the locknut itself, it should not matter so much anyway, PLA should also be fine.



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