Mario Mushroom Money Tree Planter

Mario Mushroom Money Tree Planter

Designed in Fusion 360
I wanted some planters I know I could sell in my local art galleries this coming holiday season, but everyone seams money hungry when it comes to similar designs. Haha
I get it, though so I put in the leg work and designed my own.
Feel free to sell pints of this, just please don’t forget to tip!
Used my Tenlog Duel head printer to create one print of the top pieces. Just about any color combination should work.
Printed out the other pieces separately and glued them together, should be self explanatory. The mush bottom base part is a little goofy underneath when printed out. Cleaned it up with some minor sanding, besides who looks at the bottom of a planter?
The original design is rather large, don’t think I ever did print this at 100%
The Planters pictured are at 80% scaled down. I wouldn’t go too much further down without checking on the small eye centers in Cura, and seeing if they are going to print right for you. In fact I do suggest printing the eye centers at 1% or 2% smaller to make sure they will fit. Everything else came together perfectly.
Bottom and top main parts where printed with 4 walls, 6 bottoms/tops at .2 res in Cura
Added extra shell material to help insure planter will hold up with time. Then not only glued, but PLA welded the two main pieces together with a soldering iron to ensure strength in the joining parts.
Also included the Mario coin d├ęcor. Found this printed best split in two pieces and then glued together. Used pipe cleaners to hang them to the trees.

Fixed bottom of planter to print out much better looking



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