Mini Desktop Case for GeekWork X862 V2, Raspberry Pi 4, and Ice Tower Cooler

Mini Desktop Case for GeekWork X862 V2, Raspberry Pi 4, and Ice Tower Cooler

This is a whole new version of my Mini Desktop Case for the Raspberry Pi 4.

This version is a near clean sheet of paper redesign. The structural part inside is modified, the internal duct is the same, but the outer shell is all new. Although it is cosmetically quite similar to the previous versions, it is not compatible.

This version adds compatibility for the X862 V2 board by Geekworm. This allows the Pi to boot from an M.2 drive.

That is the X862 V2 board that is compatible with this case. The older version used a taller USB jumper and taller standoffs. Thus this case will not work with the older versions.

That is the Ice Tower this case is compatible with.

Check my previous Mini Desktop Cases for assembly instructions, printing orientation suggestions, and fastener list. It’s all the same as the previous versions.

This version also incorporates several minor refinements that make the case go together easier and improve fit and finish – alignment pins and such.

Also, on this version where there are LEDs on the Pi board and the blue SSD read/write indicator LED I have made small holes in the side of the case. These work as-is but if you have an appropriate sized drill bit (the one I use measures 1.6mm with my calipers), you can drill the hole out slightly (really just clean off the first layer elephant foot) and insert a piece of clear/transparent/translucent filament. This works as a fiber optic element and really makes the LEDs show nicely.

The only parts of this case that should require supports is the structure part and the duct. On the duct, I suggest rotating the part 45 degrees counterclockwise on the Y axis, using a 5mm margin raft, and only doing support from the build plate.



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