Single-Hand Key Organizer

Single-Hand Key Organizer

A lightweight Key Organzier:

Prevent key scratches on your phone or wallet
Easy to use with one hand: push keys out with index finger and select the key you need. Perfect when carrying stuff.
Customizable in slicer to fit your amount of keys: Just scale the spacer part in your slicer to be exactly as high as your stack of keys. (eg. your keys need 9.2mm, take the spacer_10mm.stl and scale it in z direction by 92%)
No rough edges while still looking good
Fits most keys, from big house keys to smaller keys like bike chain keys, etc.
Silent, no “key jingle”
Very easy print

All you need are two M3 screws and two M3 nuts. It’s best to take a screw that’s too long and cut/file it down to the right length. That’s much easier than to find the right length for your set of keys.

Tipps & Tricks:

Print the two halves first and assemble it, then measure how thick the spacer needs to be. Scale the 10mm thick spacer in z-direction in your slicer. (92% for 9.2mm etc.) Also you can adjust how strong the keys are held in place by making the spacer thinner.
Use the textured spring steel plate for the halves and choose Hilbert Curve as bottom fill pattern for an extra nice finish.
For the hinge mechanism to work best, you can fill the inside of the key holes with eg. molten filament and drill a 3mm hole for the screw.
The holes are designed to have one full layer in the middle. This helps with bridging. Just punch through this layer with something pointy.
If the spacer isn’t perfectly fixed in place, you can add a drop of CA glue between one half and the spacer.
Also you can use Loctite or CA glue to prevent the nut from loosening over time. (to undo heat up the nut with a soldering iron, this destroys the glue again)
Print parameters are not important, should work regardless of settings (I use 0.15mm layer height, 70% infill, 3 perimeters and no support)

Update 22.02 2022: I made the hole in the spacer bigger (3mm -> 3.4mm). The M3 screw should fit much better now.

Addition 1: Per suggestion from MWD I added a version featuring a 4mm hole to attach a key ring. Helpful if you want to attach larger things like car keys or NFC chips. Use one normal half and one half with keyring hole, but make sure your keys aren’t too long and don’t obstruct the hole.

Addition 2: Per suggestion from Joe R. I also made a double-sided version, with keys on both sides. I haven’t tested it myself, but a few makes were posted. It is probably a bit more fiddly to store the keys, as they intersect when turning, but it can fit double the amount of keys and you don’t need a spacer. Feedback is appreciated.

(Disclaimer: no keys in the pictures pose a security risk. The keys are either old, or digitally altered to prevent remaking)



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