SMART phone Car Mount

3D SMART phone Car Mount model

SMART phone Car Mount

SMART phone Car Mount

SMART phone Car Mount 3D model

I came up with this design to fix my phone into a little slot in my car, so it has a place to be mounted quick and secure. its a nice little gadget that allows you to use your phone as a GPS, music player or simply use android auto without risking your life or license.

There is only a few things to mind, you should print it oriented like you see it on the screenshot of Simplify3D so the layer orientation makes the part stronger, it propably wont work if you print it standing up, even if it would be tempting to print both parts in one place to minimize support material and print time.

To securely attatch the mount to your car, i recommend using 3M VHB tape, its strong and it can be removed with no damage to the car.

Materialwise, i made it from PETG, for one because of the greater heat tolerance and second because its not as brittle as PLA is. i think PLA would work too, especially if you plan on using it on a shelf for your desk.

Please leave comments on how it turned out if you do make your own and let me know what you would change in order to further improve the project.

if there is enough input, i can further work on the part to make it better.

happy printing!
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Anet A8










Its crucial to place the supports correctly, otherwise the print will fail due to the little studs failing to build up

Insert a rubber band like this

SMART phone Car Mount



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