The wine barrel savings box

The wine barrel savings box

Become a barrel maker! Print and assemble this cute wine barrel. The barrel serves as a savings box for coins. It is a bit like a piggy bank. If you eventually would like to access the coins, you most likely will have to cut the 3 rings and disassemble the barrel.

The wine barrel savings box makes a perfect gift.

The wine barrel really consists of 19 single planks which give the barrel a realistic look. The barrel is 10.0 cm (3.94 inches) high and 7.5 cm (2.95 inches) wide.

Please do not resize the model in your slicer, as the tolerances are designed for the present size.

List of items to print:
– Barrel large segment V1.stl
Print this item 19 times.
– Barrel large cover btm V1.stl
Print this item once.
– Barrel large cover top V1.stl
Print this item once.
– Barrel large ring large V1.stl
Print this item once.
– Barrel large ring small V1.stl
Print this item twice.

You may want to print the following items in a brown color to simulate wood:
Barrel large segment V1.stl, Barrel large cover btm V1.stl, Barrel large cover top V1.stl.

When the following items are printed in a silver color, they look like metal:
Barrel large ring large V1.stl, Barrel large ring small V1.stl.

The assembly is REALLY difficult. You will need a rubber band to avoid frustration. Please look at the assembly instructions further down. No glue is needed, everything comes together nicely.

Enjoy printing this object.



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