Valkyrie | candle holder

Valkyrie | candle holder

3D printable moulds in the shape of the Valkiria candle holder. A fusion of modern manufacturing techniques (3D printing) with the ancient craft casting.

“The valkyries in nordic mythology were warrior women of

great strength and beauty.”

Inspired by these divinities these concrete candle holders have emerged from no less than Valhalla, reflecting a firm character and simplifying the female figure to contemporary aesthetic forms to create a cozy and powerful atmosphere inside the home.

Here is a video explaining the process to produce a concrete candle holder:

3D printing settings

You can print all the parts of the mold at the same time (valkiria.stl) or in halves.

Recommended infill: 30% and no need of support.

With one mold you can produce the candle holders you want as they are reusable.



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