Wyzecam Cover

Wyzecam Cover 3D model

Wyzecam Cover

3D Wyzecam Cover model

After seeing my Wyzecam on my window (facing outside) sill, from the outside, I realized that camera body being white stands out too much, so I created this cover in black (you can print any color to suit your desire) so it’s not visible to anyone who might be interested in being destructive to the window or even the camera itself.

I’ve read reviews on Amazon.com that aren’t five stars. I believe the main reason is their WiFi isn’t either strong enough of not configured properly. As most know placing an infrared camera against a window produces white out totally eliminating any possible view, but this little camera handles this quite well. Great resolution and sharpness of the image. it’s well worth the small price for this WiFi camera. Simple to set up and use. A slot is provided (32gb micro card) to record or use Wyzecam’s cloud service (FREE) that saves your recordings for 14 days. After that, it records over the first day and so on. Again, this is FREE.

Find our for yourself ….. https://www.wyzecam.com/

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