Mid-Century Organizer

Mid-Century Organizer 3d model

Mid-Century Organizer2 3d model

Mid-Century Organizer3 3d model

This organizer is intended for your desk or 3D printer organizational needs. It features a mid-century feel with 6 separated storage areas. The included drawer should be used, but is not a requirement. The drawer handle requires 2 M3x12 bolts and is comprised of 3 pieces:

Handle Support – Print 2x
Handle – Print 1x

Print Settings
A brim may help with the handle pieces, but it is not necessary. No other special settings are needed.

Drawer Assembly Instructions
Insert both bolts through the holes in the drawer.
Slide the Handle Supports over the bolts. The flat end should be against the drawer.
Carefully screw the bolts into the handle. DO NOT OVERTIGTHEN. Because the handle is so small, it will crack if you overtighten the bolts. This is especially true if you use a silk filament.
Be sure to orient the curved end of the Handle Support correctly so that it pairs with the profile of the Handle.

Mid-Century Organizer4 3d model



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