AT-ST Walker Kit Card

AT-ST Walker Kit Card 3d model

The Imperial AT-ST “Chicken Walker” scouts ahead on the lush moon of Endor, seeking out any potentially rebellious individuals attempting to halt the Emperor’s efforts. Fast moving and nimble for its size, and still extremely deadly with a half-decent pilot, it is not something you would want to be caught out in the open with, Jedi or not.
Ohhh god is that a teddy bea–aaaarrghkk—!!

This is a kit I’ve been wanting to make properly for a few years now, and finally sat down to give it a real attempt. I hope I have done it justice!

Some parts are super small, so some care is required. Additionally the kit should scale up just fine, although untested as of yet!

On folding the main body panels, it is okay if one or two panels sheer off, it will still stick together, but if 3 or 4 fail, a little glue may be required for the roof piece!
(If this is a big enough issue I may add another connection, I just wanted to preserve the top detailing.)

Included is just the regular fit for the time being, try setting outer walls to print first.

You can make it EVEN TIGHTER by increasing the Z-scale by 15%.
For those uninterested in the card format, there is a frameless variant included!

Print at 0.2mm layer height, there really is no benefit from printing at a higher resolution and it could affect the fit.

Be sure to print with 100% infill for it to hang straight as the weight distribution can be sensitive



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