Ultimate Laboratory Bench Organizer

Ultimate Laboratory Bench Organizer 3d model

Are you annoyed that the perfect holder for you doesn’t exist? Well, now you can assemble it yourself based on what you need. Not anything more, not anything less.

This organizer is based on blocks you can slide into each other to form the perfect organizer for your bench.

As it is a sliding mechanism, your printer should be dialed in. I suggest printing a small block and trying the sliding mechanism. If too tight, print at 98% flow; print at 102% inflow if too loose.
Print at 15% infill, no support materials needed. I suggest 3 perimeters.

The blocks so far (may be more in the future):
Falcon tubes 50mL and 15mL
Eppendorf 2mL and HPLS vials
Small open box for NMR caps, stirring bars, and so on
Long open box for spatulas, pencils, and so on
NMR tubes 5mm
Bruker Spinner
Cuvettes 1cm
PCR 8 tubes rack

NMR tubes 10mm (not tested yet)
Nanopore MinION sequencer (designed by Rasmus Kirkegaard)



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