Hexagonal planter

Hexagonal planter

The original hexagon vase more planter is one of my most popular planters. I see the appeal… the 3D printing community loves hexagons. But it always bothered me that it prints in two pieces, making it not a true vase mode model. So I am taking this chance to update it! Welcome to version two. It’s the same hexagonal planter you know and love, but now printed in one piece, and saving you about an hour of print time along the way.
Print instructions

This model requires specific settings in order to print correctly. For the best quality, here Is what I recommend:

Spiral vase mode / Spiralize outer contour: turn this on, this is how the whole magic works
Layer Height: 0.3mm (not required, but I like printing fast)
Line Width: 0.8mm (this is important, and yes, you can do that with a 0.4mm nozzle, just trust me)
Bottom Thickness / Bottom Layers: 1.5mm or 5 layers at 0.3mm layer height
Printing Temperature: +10 to +15 degrees your usual temperature (I print PolyTerra at 200, but print these vases at 210 to 215 depending on my mood)
Flow / Extrusion Multiplier: 110% to 120%, or 1.1 o 1.2 (this will help with making the models more watertight, among other things)
Wall Speed: 30mm/s (you can play with this… slow it down if you have extruder issues)

Special note for Prusa Slicer: Under Print Settings > Advanced, there is a “Slice gap closing radius” setting. You need to set this to 0. This is very important.

All prints in the photos were printed on an Elegoo Neptune 2 with a 0.4mm nozzle in PLA.


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