Articulated Sea Turtle (singlecolor and multicolor)

Articulated Sea Turtle 3d model

Model parameters:

Dimensions (LxWxH)
132 x 150 x 32mm (100% scale)

Basic information

The design was inspired by the Green Sea Turtle, which is undoubtedly one of the most iconic sea animals.

The model is is split into 6 movable parts: a shell, which serves as a centerpiece, a head, and 4 fins. It prints in place, and no additional assembly is required.

The base model is slightly oversized, so that all the fine details come out nicely, namely if you’re printing in multicolor. If you’re printing it in a single color only, and aren’t bothered with loss of definition too much, feel free to downscale it to your liking. The model has been thoroughly tested, and should print fine up to 50% of the original size in single color, if you have a well calibrated, and reasonably accurate setup.

Files information

I’ve included 5 files: All of them are in the .stl format, and sorted into 2 folders. The folders are labeled Single color and Multicolor, the single color folder contains 1 file, which is a plain, 1 piece version of the model, intended for single color printing. The Multicolor folder contains 3 files for multicolor printing, each file is named after the color, which was used on the example model in the image gallery. Import them all at once into your slicer as one file with multiple parts, and it should automatically align the parts, and assign an individual color to each of them.

Print settings:

Material PLA
Layer height 0,2 mm
Infill >15%
Support None.

The model doesn’t require any support material.


Possible, but mind the accuracy of your setup. If you go too far with your scaling experiments, you might run into issues such as fused segments, or fragile links. If you have a well calibrated setup, you should be able to print the model at up to 50% of the original size without any issues, other than a definition loss.


Default, laid flat on the belly

Adhesion aid

Not necessary, the contact area with the buildplate should be sufficient. However if your print surface suffers from poor adhesion, consider using an adhesive spray, or some other kind of adhesion booster. Using a brim is possible, but not recommended, as it would be too difficult, and inconvenient to remove afterwards.


Jopek Design

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