Golf MK1 – Kit Card

Golf MK1 - Kit Card 3d model

Golf MK1 - Kit Card2 3d model

Golf MK1 - Kit Card3 3d model


The assembly itself is more demanding, so please be patient during the process. Thank you!

Quick assembly tip: Start from the front of the vehicle along with both side parts, then move over the hood to the roof. Then begin assembling the internal parts followed by the trunk. Mount the pre-assembled chassis with wheels last. Bumpers and spoiler go on at the very end.


Golf MK1 - Kit Card4 3d model

Golf MK1 - Kit Card5 3d model

1) Sides and front
Golf MK1 - Kit Card6 3d model

2) Hood and roof
Golf MK1 - Kit Card7 3d model

3) Interior parts 1/3
Golf MK1 - Kit Card8 3d model

4) Interior parts 2/3
Golf MK1 - Kit Card9 3d model

5) Interior parts 3/3
Golf MK1 - Kit Card10 3d model

6) Chassis and wheels
Golf MK1 - Kit Card11 3d model

7) Assembly
Golf MK1 - Kit Card12 3d model

8) Bumpers
Golf MK1 - Kit Card13 3d model

Wheel (version R1 only):
Golf MK1 - Kit Card14 3d model

Golf MK1 - Kit Card15 3d model



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