Articulated Spider

Articulated Spider 3d model


This spooky spider is fully articulated and can even dangle from a web of filament! Great for Halloween decorations, party favors, or just to play with at your desk.


The included 3MF file has all the parts you will need, or you can print individual parts with the quantities called out in the file names. Print the eyes separately if you’d like them to be a different color (no MMU/AMS needed).

💡 TIP: Start by printing just one set of leg parts for a test fit. If the joints are too tight or too loose, you can adjust the fit with the “XY size compensation” setting in PrusaSlicer (or the equivalent in your slicer of choice).

Recommended print settings

Material PETG, ABS, or ASA for best results

PLA is okay but may be tougher to assemble and will get floppy over time.

Layer height 0.15 mm
Infill 10-20% rectilinear
First layer speed 25% of default
Supports None
Brim None (may be needed in case of poor bed adhesion)
Additional settings ✅ Print external perimeters first

Once the parts are printed, assemble them as shown below. All parts should snap-fit into place, no glue needed.

Articulated Spider 2 3d model

💡 TIP: The moving joints need to be “broken in” to smooth out imperfections in the print. Just move them back and forth a few times as you assemble them.

And just like that, your articulated spider is complete! Have fun posing and displaying it however you like. You can even insert some 1.75mm filament into the abdomen to have your spider dangling from a web! (How’s that for “silk” PLA?)


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Download 3D models

File File size
zip articulated-spider-model_files 8 MB

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