Medieval full plate armor for DUMMY 13

Medieval full plate armor for DUMMY 13 3d model

Print instructions for frame

To achieve wider range of movement, I had to modify 4 pieces of frame parts. Don’t forget to print them. Rest of the frame parts are the same as the original DUMMY 13. It is recommended to print frame from PETG.

Print instructions for armor
0.2 mm, 3 perimeters
Parts are pre-oriented to the printbed.
Some armor parts require supports. Namely: armor_helmet.stl, armor_hip_left.stl, armor_hip_right.stl, armor_chest.stl, armor_knee_left.stl, armor_knee_right.stl, armor_visor.stl
For your convenience, use provided 3mf files with all the necessary parts and settings for Bambu

For assembly, please follow BUILD GUIDE. Some steps are slightly different from the original. Note: kneepads might use a drop of glue to hold better in place.


Martin Kozak

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