Keychain and Tags

Keychain and Tags 3d model


3mf files are for use only on bambu studio and Orca Slicer – Latest version. Step files are available for the most excellent Prusa Slicer and others.

This is my idea of a keychain. The tags are large, and the colors are bright, so maybe it’s not so easy to miss.

This keychain is an elegant, highly customizable, and practical solution. Who has ever used a traditional keychain closet, knows that it is not always easy to put the keys there.

It can be used with the tags, but also with simply the key (as long as they have some iron on it). It works with the magic and invisible magnetic force, if the keys are from brass to aluminum, the solution is to use one of the available tags.


For those who are in the home rental business, or have a home with home automation, I also added the possibility to add an NFC Tag to each of the keychain docks. This way, you can give directions to your guest or automate something every time you bring your NFC Tag reader close to the dock.

If you don’t find this interesting, just don’t use the NFC Tag 😉


I leave here a challenge to those who are more comfortable with electronics, namely using and programming the ESP32. If anyone is interested in collaborating in order to put a microcontroller in the dock, please contact me. The idea that by putting the key on the keychain and start an action is interesting. (this, of course, without using the mobile phone). NFC Tag was the simplest way I found to enable this kind of interaction, but you always need a mobile phone nearby… Well, it’s not bad, but an ESP32 will be better, but then we have the battery problem… 😉
How it works

Simply hold the tag or key close to the dock and the magical magnetic force will do the rest.
If you are already in the future, whenever you think it is necessary, you can bring your phone close to the dock and trigger a set of actions. I know that with iOS this is very easy through the automations in the Shortcuts app, and I’m sure that on Android it won’t be difficult either. Regardless of the system and in a universal solution, Homeassistant works great with ID tags.

But enough about automation, that was something I decided to add and that wasn’t the reason I made this keychain.

Available variations

Colors for ID the dock and the tags, choose any colors you like.
3D printable labels on the dock (Garage, House, Office and Mailbox). Some more could be available for members. This you have to download here, they can be remixed, that way you can add your text.
Version to add labels as stickers.
A dock version to hang.

Print instructions

This project is designed to make printing easy, but there are a few things you should take into consideration.

The tag has a neodymium magnet embedded in it. Therefore, it will be necessary to program a pause in the last layer where the pocket where the magnet is inserted is closed.

Print instructions 3d model

These files can be remixed, so the copyrights of does is different from this one, the only way I know to make this is by creating a new project.

You can download here:

Tags and Labels for the Keychain

Assembly instructions

Print the parts.
Get some neodymium magnets and, if you want, some NFC Stickers.
Assemble the dock (this example is good for all version.
Force the magnet on its socket (can help push it against a piece of wood, don’t use metal, the magnet will break).
The name label on the top will press fit.
For better adhesion of the parts, you can use double-sided adhesive tape.
Something like this
If needed, you can glue it all.

Keychain and Tags2 3d model

If you go for the rail fixing, please choose one of the configurations available on the 3mf file. Remember that you can use the cut function on the slicer.


2x neodymium magnets of 10x3mm (one for the dock, other for the Tag)
1x NFC sticker Tags (if you plan to use them)
For the rail fixation, you will need bolts of about 4mm in diameter.
For a small help, use this affiliate link to buy filament, it will cost you the same. Thanks !
Filaments used on this project


Jorge Rui

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