MK4 Reinforced Life Support Box

MK4 Reinforced Life Support Box

Well, there wasn’t a point in doing the MK4 if I didn’t do the Ironclad too. I did this ENTIRELY in 3D builder.

Included are:
Torso with and without a head!

Underslung weapons – a choice of:
Sensor pod
Storm Bolter

Main Weapons – a choice of:
Power Claw
Hurricane Bolter
Seismic Hammer
Assault Drill
Inferno Flamer

Extra options to mount on the top carapace:
Frag Launchers
Hunter Killer missiles

I hope this helps you all with your 30k and 40k armies!
You’ll need to merge the seperate head and torso I’ve provided BEFORE printing. The legs, arms, weapons, and underslung weapons parts need to be mirrored. The torso is prehollowed.
Thanks to Cornivius, ExplosiveRunes, and Brexitt for parts used.



Download 3D models

FileFile size
zip MK4+Reinforced+Life+Support+Box278 MB

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