Print-in-Place Zipper

Print-in-Place Zipper 3d model

There were more than a few complaints that my original zipper was a #%$&*!# pain to assemble. This one, blissfully, prints in place with almost no assembly. (Just close it, push the slider on, and then shove the locking key in the zipper tip.) It is scaled up from the original version (1.5x) to create enough clearance to make it print-in-place.

I’ve provided 2 versions: one where both sides and the center connector all print together (this just fits diagonally on an Prusa MK3/4), and the second where the two zipper sides print separately and the center connector needs to be assembled onto one side.

This is designed with 0.2mm gaps between parts, which is relatively tight, but not insane). If your printer is close to maintaining this sized gap, then you should be fine as the links will break apart pretty easily. And if your printer is totally dialed in, the links should all move straight off the bed.

I printed this in PLA with 0.2mm layers and a 0.4mm nozzle. I would not recommend using a larger nozzle. None of the parts need supports. If your bed is large enough (200x250mm), you can print the ZipperComplete, the ZipperSlider and the ZipperKey. If you have a smaller bed, instead of the ZipperComplete, print ZipperLeft, ZipperRight and ZipperPin.

For the ZipperComplete version, just work the teeth closed from the bottom, slide the slider over the top, and then slide the little key into the tip of the zipper (see second photo) to keep the slider from coming off.

For the left/right version, you’ll need to first assemble the right side to the left at the little center coupler. Insert the pin to hold the pieces together and then us a little drop of superglue on the end of the pin to keep it in place. Then assmeble the slider and key as described above.



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