Q-Tip Crossbow

Q-Tip Crossbow 3d model

Q-Tip Crossbow2 3d model

Introducing the second model in my Q-tip shooter series… The Q-Tip Crossbow! Simply pull back the latch until it clicks onto the trigger, load a one-sided Q-tip or toothpick, pull back the trigger, and watch it fly!

Notes: This model will vary depending on filament. I used Bambu PLA basic which tends to be pretty stiff, so other types of PLA, especially cheap brands, may not yield as good of a result.

Keep in mind that brittle/wet filament will be more subject to cracking than newer filament.
With other models in this series, people have had good results with PETG, but I have not personally tested it.
Make sure to let the model completely cool before using, or else the springs will deform and not be as effective.



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