Tags and Labels for the Keychain

Tags and Labels for the Keychain 3d model


This is part of this project, Keychain and Tags so you can change these documents to suit your needs.

Print instructions

In the case of Tags, it is necessary to indicate in the slicer in which area you want to pause to insert the magnet.

Bambu Studio and Orca
Prusa Slicer

This is already prepared on the 3mf files available for download, but you can do it on your own.

After a couple of minutes, the printer will pause, it’s time to insert the magnet. It will not top on the socket but, should be easy to insert it. Do not hard press the build plate!
CHECK THE MAGNET POSITION 2 TIMES TO BE SURE, it should attract in this position:

Tags and Labels for the Keychain2 3d model

Be sure that the magnet is nicely flushed, if it is above the print layer, do not continue.

Tags and Labels for the Keychain3 3d model

Resume printing.

Tags and Labels for the Keychain4 3d model

This image, show the difference between a 0.2 and a 0.4mm nozzle:

Tags and Labels for the Keychain5 3d model


Jorge Rui

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