Scammell Tank Transporter easy print

Scammell Tank Transporter easy print

Easy to print Scammell Pioneer tank transporter, 1/100 scale, will want some greebling if scaled up. Some details have been changed for looks/ printability.

The “whole resin” files are for those of you that are printing with resin printers and would prefer the assembled model.

This is a complex model, please look at the “whole resin” files to see how it goes together. the “buck” file is to glue the front and back of the trailer together at the correct angle. Assemble each part entirely, except the ramps, and the place it upside down on the buck to align it while gluing.

The hinge is not entirely correct, but it’s as close as I could get it and still make it printable/ playable. It will look correct as long as the truck and trailer are relatively level with each other. Use the trailer-post assembly included with the truck to make it look correct when the trailer is not attached.

Scale by 1.56 for gaslands / hotwheels / 1/64

Scale by 1.786 for 28mm / 1/56



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