Ultimate Deck box

Ultimate Deck box

Ultimate Deck box

Ultimate Deck box

BEHOLD the culmination of my 2 years playing magic and 3d printing! Back with over 25 different options its the flip lid deck box you love, but easier to print and more fitting today’s modern and commander lifestyles, as well as other card games.

In the download section you will find the current public master files in skp, stl, and png and 4 zip folders. Inside each of these folders are the files necessary to print that style of deck box and small readme’s that explain some things rather than posting it all here:
-no lock boxes (they just have lids that swing around lawlessly)
-v2 boxes (like the old beefy boxes, but tuned a bit)
-v3 boxes (the new and improved latch, like v2 but better)
-Experimental (doesn’t work great or isn’t tested), currently has the Key box (a pin that holds the box closed type deal)

In the folders are box and lid combos for commander, pauper and other 60 card formats, multiple decks, decks with tokens, and even oversized cards and there are more coming soon, and will be added to the zips as they are made available. Files may also move from experimental if they are tested or refined as well.

Sizes based and tested with Magic the Gathering Trading cards under the following conditions, I can’t guarantee other card games will fit:
-no sleeve: no boxes (yet) but if needed its here, just a pack-fresh card
-Single sleeved: Dragon shield mattes
-double sleeved: Ultimate guard supremes with Ultimate guard borderfiers precise fit inners

Print Settings

Printer: Micromake C-1

Rafts: No

Supports: Doesn’t Matter

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 15

Filament: Hatchbox PLA Yes


Printer Settings used for test prints:
Printer = Micromake c1
Slicer = Cura
scale = 100%
layer height = 0.2
Speed = 60mm
extrusion = 110% (printer has issues at 100% this probably wont work well for you)
infill % = 20%
Brim = on for lid only
supports = 15% for lid only


If your deck box is a spring lock one, put springs and latches in the lid and seal up with the back-plate. Use some kind of glue preferably but tape can be used to test fit. Super glue is great but i’ve found wood glue to work pretty good too lol, just use what you have.

Once that has cured you may either use a paperclip or a piece of filament for your hinge pin, this may come down to your printers tolerances.



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