QUICK-CLIP : Emergency Whistles

QUICK-CLIP : Emergency Whistles 3d model

NOTE: This is an add-on to the pre-existing “QUICK-CLIP : Base Starter Kit
Post-Processing Difficulty: Easy (Ready to Use from Printer)
Tools Needed: None

Introduction & Instructions:

QUICK-CLIP is a versatile mounting system that I designed for backpack and MOLLE webbing. These are the whistle module that I designed to go with the base starter set (found under my profile). The whistles are incredibly loud and easily accessible. They are attached to and removed from the mounting system in the same way as the other module clips. The locking pin (orange) and base buckle (dark gray) files are available in the base set.

I printed this with 0.16mm layer lines with PLA. I used organic/tree supports for the standard whistle, but the low profile versions are printed with no supports – due to the shape of the interior of the whistle, interior supports will not automatically generate when slicing (as long as you can print 45 degree overhangs without supports). What ever print setting you use, just double check that the internals remain open otherwise the whistle likely will not work.

In the photos, the blue whistle is the standard version, the light gray whistle is the low profile version, and the orange whistle is the low profile mini version.


After printing, there will be some minor support structures to remove on the standard whistle version. Remove the supports from the clip on the bottom and refine the clip edges with minor filing or sanding to remove burs. Remove the support from under the mouth piece and file or sand smooth (optionally, you may use a rotary sanding drum on a Dremel).Both of the low profile versions are ready to go off the printer, without any post-processing.



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